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There is nothing you can do about where and under what circumstances you are born.
That is precisely why BAGOA believes it is important to help people who are born with fewer opportunities. We do this in India and in the Netherlands.

BAGOA bags are made in India in the Radjastan region.
Here are several makers working together for BAGOA. Anil is the one who coordinates everything because he speaks both Hindi and English.
BAGOA aims to produce its bags as sustainably as possible. All BAGOA bags are made of pure and genuine leather and are long lasting. The material is made from animals that have died of natural causes. Some bags are completely handmade. But most are cut by hand but are assembled with the help of a sewing machine. You can read more about the makers and the learning process in other blogs.

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The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the bags are packed by people from the WIJ 3.0 social workshop. In this way, people who, for whatever reason, have a greater distance to the labor market, regain confidence in themselves and their abilities.

More information about WIJ 3.0 can be found here .

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