BAGOA is honestly made in India

A new look at help.

BAGOA stands for BAGs Over Aid. We believe that trade is the best way to help.

BAGOA bags are made in India in the Radjastan region. Because the makers now have a bag factory, they can provide for their own livelihood. Their children can also go to school and they have the opportunity to build up a pension.

We have created some rules for this, which you can see below:


We do not work under duress, our bags are made with passion and pleasure. People can always join a union if they want to.


Everyone who works at BAGOA gets paid decently. So that their children can actually go to school and they can save for their pension.


We are strongly against child labor. Children belong at school and not in a workshop or factory. We therefore monitor this strictly.


We respect the Indian culture, the way it works and the people.


The work done for Bagoa is legal, not harmful to health and under safe conditions.


We don't have crazy working hours. We believe time with family and friends is just as important for our employees.

Bagoa's world begins with a stolen bag...

And with it the search for a new one. It turned out to be extremely difficult to find a beautiful and high-quality leather bag that is affordable and with which you have respect for the makers and the world.

If you only go for one of the two categories, you have plenty of choice. There are many beautiful fair trade bags available. But they quickly cost more than hundreds of euros. The range of affordable bags is much larger. The problem with this is that as a buyer I was not so sure that they were made with respect for the makers and nature. In addition, I often found the quality questionable. In short, I couldn't find what I was looking for.

So there was only one thing to do: do it yourself.

BAGOA's mission goes further than a beautiful bag for a fair price. We're starting a movement. We like to do our best to produce in a good and honest way with the aim: you who shine with your beautiful leather bag. BAGOA bags are made of excellent quality leather, they are unique and all have a cool look.

Join the movement: Carry a better world

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I was looking for a neat bag to take to work. That's why I bought 'Gadiva' the brown shopper. I often go to appointments with my laptop. I like to have a nice business bag. You come across as a lot more professional. In addition, it is also hip. The only thing I miss about this bag is an inside pocket where I can put my keys and cell phone. I would definitely recommend this bag to young and old. It is sleek, modern and simple. That makes the bag interesting for many people.

Lobke Ubbels

When I saw the Shiva I immediately thought it was a very beautiful bag. I had some doubts about whether my laptop would fit in it and whether I would actually use it, because normally I prefer practical backpacks. Fortunately, my laptop fits perfectly in it (15 inch MacBook). So it's actually a nice and stylish alternative to my backpack, and I can definitely recommend it as a work bag. What is also a real plus is that it is a rock-solid bag. I always take my bags everywhere with me and am not always very careful with them. Not that much can break on the Shiva, but the material is really strong and remains beautiful. So to all you yuppies out there: go get that bag!

Sylvie Kok