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We are the first bag label that is not expensive, but sustainable. We only use naturally tanned leather. Our bags are made in India under fair conditions. With this we help makers in India build a good life.

We work without intermediaries. This ensures that you can buy a beautiful, honestly made quality bag without having to spend hundreds of euros. In this way we contribute together to a better world.

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De wereld verbeteren doen we samen

We improve the world together

There is nothing you can do about where and under what circumstances you are born. That is precisely why BAGOA believes it is important to help people who are born with fewer opportunities. We do ...

The Story of BAGOA

The Story of BAGOA

BAGOA was created in 2017. You can read how this went and what preceded it here in my personal story. Most ideas arise from desire or frustration. Sometimes you see things that make you think; w...

Wie heeft mijn tas gemaakt?

Who made my bag?

Today is Fashion Revolution Day! Holee? Yes and no. The reason this day exists is anything but festive. Today marks exactly 5 years since the collapse of the large Rana Plaza textile factory in ...


All Bagoa bags are made fairly, with respect for the environment and the makers. As a result, you not only receive a beautiful bag, you also contribute to a better world.


We only use the best quality leather. This leather is tanned in a natural way, so without chromium salts. We strive to only use leather from animals that have died of natural causes. The paint we use is also based on vegetable raw materials.

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You are very important to us. Without you we cannot achieve our mission. We don't want you to be satisfied, we want you to be super happy. Is there something wrong? We solve it without being difficult.